The purpose of the Institute is to organize, regulate and control an implementation process of multilingual education at university; ensure the functioning and development of the educational process for multilingual education in special departments of natural-geographical, physics and mathematics, pedagogical and philology areas.

The main functions implemented by the Institute:

1. Development and realization of perspective and annual plans of multilingual education, the development of legal documents on the implementation of multilingual education.

2. Organization of the gradual introduction of a multilingual education in specialist fields of natural-geographical, physics and mathematics, pedagogical and philology areas.

3. Organization of language courses (for all levels of the foreign language proficiency) to increase the number of multilingual teachers and students.

4. Organization of courses on the methodology of CLIL for multilingual teachers.

5. Organization of language courses in preparation for the international examinations (IELTS) for the multilingual teachers and students of WKSU.

6. Engagement with scientists from near and far broad, visiting of lecturers for delivering lectures and conducting practical classes, seminars, trainings for the development of multilingualism.

7. Annual review of book availability on disciplines of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs with textbooks and teaching materials in the three languages.

8. Replenishment of the library fund with educational, methodical, scientific, reference and other literature and multimedia materials in the state and foreign languages.

9. Cooperation in exchange of experience from NIS, foreign and national polylingual higher education institutions and schools on teaching profile disciplines and preparation of polylingual shots.

10. Activation of work with teachers, carrying out and planning educational preparation in polylingual groups.

11. Holding actions with students for the education of the versatile, polylingual personality.

12. Organization of the writing of co-authored textbooks and teaching materials, scientific articles with partners from the near and far abroad.


Consultant-interpreter of the Institute for Multilingual Education, МА Aigirim Umitaliyeva

Address:Dostyk 162, building 1, office 104


Institute for Multilingual Education offers IELTS exam preparation course for students and teachers of WKSU.IMG 4816 mini

In connection with the implementation of the Roadmap for the development of trilingual education for 2016-2020 from September 2016 at M. Utemissov WKSU opened a structural subdivision "Institute for Multilingual Education". From that moment until December 31, 2017, the Institute was headed by Dr. Lee Jong Hyun, who is a foreign top manager invited to M. Utemissov WKSU MES RK. From April to December 2018, the Institute was led by a new top manager from the Republic of Poland, Professor Anna Baczkowska.

The Institute for Multilingual Education pays special attention to the methodological preparation of teachers for work in multilingual groups: seminars on the problems of multilingual education are held on a regular basis at the departments; organized round tables on the exchange of experience, workshops are held to promote teaching methods in multilingual groups; a lot of work is being done on the introduction of innovative teaching methods, the use of electronic and digital educational resources; preparing and using audio and video materials, using online courses, developing integrated courses, developing methods of working with different sources of information in 3 languages; preparation and use of different types of visibility; organizing and conducting independent work of students studying in multilingual groups, types and forms of control, etc.

As a teaching aid in the framework of the implementation of the roadmap for trilingualism at M. Utemissov WKSU was developed training program "Useful 500 Sentences". The main purpose of the manual is to master the basic conversational skills in Kazakh, Russian and English, designed for students, faculty and staff of WKSU.

From October 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017, Dr. Lee Jong Hyun conducted the following methodological seminars for teaching staff working in multilingual groups, students, department heads and deans:

• "Development of software and training systems in terms of multilingual teaching"

• "The system of measures for the development of multilingual education at WKSU"

• “Methods of teaching in English in multilingual groups”

• “How to use TED online lectures (in English) in classes in multilingual groups”

• “Development of multilingual education at universities of Kazakhstan and South Korea”

• “How to effectively use the Google search engine (Google)”

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Along with conducting seminars, there were organized round tables, scientific and practical conferences on the theme of bilingual education in the 2017-2018 academic year:

• Scientific-practical conference "Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education" for faculty and students of natural-geographical faculty.

• Round table on the topic “Multilingual education as a stimulating factor of academic mobility: European experience and Kazakhstan” for teaching staff and students of the pedagogical faculty.

• Round table on the topic “Problems of formation of information and communication competencies: education, science, experience”, held for teachers of the Department for Informatics.

• “Trilingualism is the basis for the formation of a multi-ethnic personality” (a lecture for teachers of schools in the city and region).

• “The experience of introducing trilingualism on the example of M. Utemissov WKSU”(a lecture inviting teachers from the city’s schools who are studying at the NIS English courses).

• Implementation of methodological experience in conducting CLIL classes with the invitation of NIS experts in English.

• Scientific-practical conference on the theme “English as a Medium of Instruction in West Kazakhstan” with the participation of representatives from Nazarbayev Uralsk Intellectual School.

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During the 2017-2018 academic year, the director of the Institute for Multilingual Education Dr. Lee Jong Hyun conducted training courses in English “Information Security” in the amount of 3 credits for 3 courses of multilingual groups, “Basics of Information Security” in the amount of 3 credits for students 4 courses of multilingual groups, “Modern approaches to information security” in the amount of 3 credits for undergraduates of the 1st course, “Information security and information protection” in the amount of 3 credits for students of the 4th course of multilingual groups.

In the first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year, the director of the Institute for Multilingual Education prof. A. Baczkowska conducted the course “Cognitive Linguistics” for students of the specialty 5B011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages, as well as the course “English for Specific Purposes: English for biology and chemistry” (for undergraduates of multilingual specialty groups) 6М011300-Biology and 6М011200-Chemistry.

The director of the Institute for Multilingual Education, Dr. Lee Jong Hyun and Professor Anna Baczkowska conducted English language courses for students, teachers and administration of M. Utemissov WKSU, in connection with the active introduction of multilingualism and with the aim of improving the level of English proficiency. 

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And also, from February 11, 2019, three foreign teachers from the Philippines began English language courses in preparation for the IELTS exam for students of multilingual groups and with an English bias in teaching, teaching staff and the administration of M. Utemissov WKSU. The exam is scheduled for July 2019 in Uralsk.

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